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Optical dispensary


Drs. Popick and Caines pride ourselves on offering our patients an extensive selection of over 1400 prescription eyewear frames and over 100 non-prescription sunglasses (some of which can be made into prescription sunglasses). Our frame selection includes a variety of styles for women, men, teenagers, and children from numerous designers including Michael Kors, Coach, Versace, Maui Jim, Ray Ban, Gucci, Vera Wang, Nike and Dragon to name a few. Our frame styles range from the latest fashion trends to traditional styles.

Frame prices start at $49.00. All regularly priced frames purchased in our office have a two-year no charge warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Budget frames have a one-year no charge warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Our optometric assistants will recommend the frame best suited for your prescription, facial shape, occupation, and leisure activities.


We utilize an extensive variety of premium quality lens designs and materials at reasonable prices. Our lens selection ranges from single vision to progressives (no-line bifocals) to line bifocals in dress eyewear and industrial (often referred to as “safety”) thickness options. Material options range from regular glass and plastic to hi-index (thin and light) glass and plastic. Specialty materials such as polycarbonate and Trivex are available depending on your needs.

Specialty occupational lenses for computers and numerous other applications are also available. Numerous lens materials such as Blue Select and photochromics (Transitions), and coatings such as anti-reflection, scratch resistance, colored tints, and ultraviolet Transitions are a few options that can be applied to your lenses. Our optometric assistants will work with your optometrist in selecting the most appropriate lens design and material for you based on your occupational and leisure vision requirements.

Blue Select Lenses

If you spend two hours a day or more on a computer, tablet or cell phone, or other devices and or have a pair of computer only spectacles, we recommend Blue Select lenses. These lenses block the blue light wavelengths of the light spectrum that have been associated with disruptive sleep patterns, contribute to eye strain due to glare, and have been associated with contributing to the progression of macular degeneration and cataracts. Ask our optometric assistants about these specialty lenses.

In Office Edging Lab

Drs. Popick and Caines have a complete edging lab in our office to allow us to provide better service to our patients by manufacturing our patients’ eyewear in a more timely fashion and ensuring our high standard of quality control is maintained throughout the entire fabrication process. Our edging lab consists of numerous pieces of very precise electronically controlled fabricating equipment that assists our ophthalmic dispenser in achieving accurate production of your eyewear.

We stock a large inventory of single vision plastic lenses in a variety of coatings to enable us to fabricate eyewear in as short a time period as one hour depending on your prescription.

Adjustment and Repairs of Your Prescription Eyewear

Our optometric assistants are expertly trained to assist you with the adjustment and if necessary, repair of your eyewear when required. All eyewear purchased in our office has a lifetime no charge adjustment policy.

We reserve the right to charge a professional fee for adjustment or repair of eyewear not purchased from our office.

Quality Control and Warranty

We stand behind the quality of products we offer to our patients. We recommend high quality frames and lenses to enable our patients to attain the best possible quality of vision. (It is counterproductive to one’s vision to utilize inferior quality frame and lens materials.) In our experience, high quality frames and lenses enable our patients to experience longer lasting frames and encounter fewer frame fitting and lens adaptation problems compared to cheaper products.