professional services

289 Bradbrooke Drive, Yorkton SK

Telephone 306-783-4569 ​

Office hours: Monday through Friday 8.45 am to 5 pm.

We are open during lunch hour.​​

Professional care of your eyes’ health and the quality of your vision is the foundation of our optometric office’s mission statement. We want to inform you of the quality of eye care we provide by helping you understand what examination procedures we employ utilizing precise electronic and laser equipment to evaluate the eyes’ health and vision status.

Professional services also include the proper fitting of your eyewear so you can attain the maximum vision benefit of your eye examination. Your eye examination will include a thorough discussion of your eye care and vision therapy options.

We welcome you to our office and feel privileged to be able to take care of your eyes’ health and vision.

Please read about the professional services we offer: ​Eye Examination | Optomap | OCT | Contact Lenses | Treatment Services